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What did God specifically put you on earth to do?

Even with 9 years of theological education, I was still confused about my own gifts...

These two approaches seem right on the surface, but I found they fail to produce long-term maturity...they don't lead to the robust life that God really intends for us...

God's way is almost always not option A or is C. God's genius (Plan C) was hiding right in front of me the entire time and it lit my gifts on fire...

When we follow our gifts the way they are uniquely designed to be expressed only in us, they know how to do their thing. In fact, our gifts know how to change the entire world when we let them free...

The Reason that No Two
Are the Same...

Each Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher has a unique mission in the world.

If 10 apostles were standing next to each other,
what would be different with each one?

A lot actually...

As a coach I often hear the following message:

"I am not sure I am an apostle / prophet / evangelist / pastor / teacher because I don't look or produce results like x person."

The beauty is–we can let the desire to compare ourselves go and replace it with the freedom to be our unique self.

Because every gift that God has given is uniquely crafted for that person. Thank God or we would all look the same–and it would be a boring world!

As an apostle, part of the movement I am designed/gifted to start and lead in the world is through online technology like this website you are looking at right now...because...I love it! See, I found out God loves what I love doing. He made it that way, but I didn't know that for a long time because my theology of the heart was not developed yet. And Satan has been working overtime to make God look like Scrooge, a cantankerous old jerk, who wants nothing more than to squelch your joy. What a bunch of lies!

Clarity is Essential...

Somehow clarity got thrown under the bus as being an unspiritual pursuit. The thinking goes that the desire for clarity goes against faith or trust. I found this is actually the exact opposite of the truth. In order to step into faith, you need high-levels of clarity about what is next..but this is not the same as knowing everything in your future. I am an advocate for clarity plus being in a conversational relationship with God the whole way through. Clarity is essential–clarity brings hope!

What do you do with gifts?...

Remember, your gifts were not meant to remain in the dark. On Christmas, can you imagine telling your friends and family, "I don't want to open the gift you gave me, I just want it to remain wrapped, under the tree?" Of course not–you tear that baby open and find out what is inside! I don't blame you! You are allowed to do the same with the gifts God gave you that He intends you to use for the remainder of your life. Trust me, your gifts were well-chosen, purposefully crafted down to the smallest detail–just for you. Not one ounce or part of you is a mistake...

Let me Show you the Magic of this Process...
(Watch this 1 Min Video Below)

Make a video of me walking them through the Superpowers workbook with one follow-up to show theme how Satan is hiding in the dis"order" and confusion of your gift numbers. This is a pretty tricky game to untangle–it is my Superpower–to help people get to the bottom of it and nail down clarity.

The real magic happens when you get clear on HOW you uniquely express your gifts. That is what this intensive is for. Because living with clarity on your gifts is how you will be the biggest threat in the Kingdom of God, most productive, most joyful, most impactful and satisfied in the world.

Your gifts begin to make much more sense when you get at HOW you uniquely express them with words that aren't super spiritual-sounding like apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor/shepherd, and teacher and align to more natural down-to-earth words that you resonate with and already use. In other words, there are tons of subcategories or ways that a person could express their gifting as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor/shepherd, or teacher. In fact, this process offers about 200 category options to choose from–that all fall under one of the five gifts...

An experience that honors how your heart works...

Just focusing on your behavior only brings so much change. If you want to make a permanent change you have to go below the surface. Sometimes we often try to solve important questions by forcing our mind to come to the answer, corner it with the "definitive answer" with logic, when the heart is much smarter and more complex than that. This experience will help solve your biggest questions by exploring several different angles...because your heart needs multiple pieces of evidence before it will trust, I am prepared for that.

Want to watch or listen to the meeting again?

We got your covered! We will email you a recording of the meeting the following day to watch or listen to. This recording is only for people who registered and paid for the online event and is available to watch for two weeks after your specific meeting.

What you'll walk away with...

  • Engage a fun holistic process that will uncover the TOP 5 WAYS you engage your gifts, ranked in order by what brings you the most motivation or joy, so you are only focused on what matters most in your gifts. This applies in all areas of your life: work/career, friendships, marriage, cooking, cleaning, hobbies, etc...
  • See the profound mystery of how God made your heart, how and why the heart mattered most to Jesus, and how it has the keys to unlock what gifts you have been given.
  • See how the characters you have been drawn to in the stories you love reveal parts of who you are meant to be.
  • Learn from and Interact with other people who are in discovery-mode during the Intensive.
  • Grasp on a deeper-level what each gift is really about through a unique teaching I will give that I rarely offer in the public. You will see that each of the Fivefold gifts fits together perfectly into the overall system of Eph. 4:11.
  • Walk away with more confidence about what your primary gifts are and how they fit into the Fivefold, all while staying true to how God custom-designed you and your gifts.
  • Experience a group verbal blessing over your gifts by the group itself.
  • Digital Workbook (PDF)

Humbled By These Voices...

The fivefold gifts are a powerful paradigm for understanding your God-given design. And that design is the key to motivation, fruitfulness and joy in your life. No one helps people understand what this means for their life as well as Tim does.
John White
LK10 Ministries
Tim has helped me embrace my calling by clarifying how I am uniquely wired as an apostle. His insights around how the heart and how I relate with others within the fivefold gifts has even transformed how I team up with my wife.
Eric Nevins
Creator of Halfway There Podcast
I found this experience to be incredibly helpful in figuring out my next steps in life, and really the things I love most in life. Through Tim's straightforward teaching and guidance I've begun to understand myself, my relationship with God, and learn that there are plenty of others who think just like I do.
The Five Fold Assessment was not new to me, because I had taken it multiple times. The difference is Tim. He helped me see a much bigger picture of who God created me to be and what I’m created to do. I have changed my perspective of who I am in Christ as a result of our sessions.
Kim Jessie
The Bridge Network of Churches
The coaching with Tim for my team and I has brought clarity to who does what in our journey together. It has not only brought to light hidden gifting but also brought clarity and empowering. I would highly recommend his services to you and your team. Well worth the investment! Life changing.

Esther McMichael
President, Good Fruit Ministries, Inc.
What Tim does is go straight for the heart...What is it that you DESIRE? Through time spent with Tim you begin to believe that God really does want what you want, what is best for you and what your heart desires. You begin to see what might be possible if you just dream a little and listen to what your heart says. Tim is simply the guide to your dreams. Because of his coaching we have learned to say YES to taking little steps towards the dreams that God has laid on our hearts and to see how He has uniquely wired us to accomplish those dreams.
Former Campus Pastor,
Love Canton
When I took Tim’s fivefold gifting test, the results really surprised me. Getting to talk through those results with Tim brought a lot of clarity. It also gave me a broader understanding of my unique make up, strengths and weaknesses. It was very impactful and empowering. If you want to understand how to operate in your gifts, he’s the guy for you. Thanks Tim!
Bekah Tunnicliffe
Worship Leader
This experience is NOT one of those things you want to participate in only to find out later that it wasn't worth your time. It's the exact opposite. Tim doesn't simply tell you what to do, he guides you to it, often times revealing along the way what you've always known but were too afraid to admit. Through simple and easy to follow techniques, you will discover, accept, and feel free to go after what you were specifically and uniquely designed and created to do!
I loved the fun and approachable way Tim runs this experience. He really fleshes out what it means to accept and rejoice in your gifts, and provides a solid platform to build an understanding of who God created me to be and a more thorough understanding of what God is calling me to do. I really appreciate the strong Biblical foundations of the class, and that I had an opportunity to see familiar passages with new eyes, to think about them from a new perspective, and learn some really beautiful, empowering concepts about who God is and who I am.
As I had no idea what my gifting was my meeting with Tim helped me so much in understanding the why? As a Christian of 11 years there has been so much i did not understand. It has given me a lot of insight into why from a young age I have had natural born leadership qualities but had no idea why. Even after taking the test it was only through Tim doing some self discovery with me that he found I am Apostle with prophecy and pastor. Tim showed the picture of the heart which was a revelation to me into how the fivefold is connected to the heart in terms of will, desire, emotions and mind with Apostle encompassing all of these gifts. This gave me insight into how ones emotions, desires, mind and will are intregal in not only who you are but when connected to your gifting drives who God intended you to be.
Vanessa Clack

Not sure you buy into this whole "Fivefold/APEST" phenomenon?
(Let me show you a different perspective) --> Start Video

Why I call the Fivefold/APEST Gifts "The Five Movement Gifts"

Pricing & Registration

Support Kit - 2 Bonuses!

I am throwing in a couple of extra bonuses to get you some extra support in your gifts.


The First 30 Registrations include a 45-min follow-up coaching session at no extra cost!

$150 Value

1-on-1 Coaching to Help you Integrate Your Insights Deeper Into Your Life

In this 45-minute Zoom video/audio session you will work through any key pieces that came up for you during your time in the intensive. You will identify barriers, obstacles, and create an action step that will help you solidify the insight into your life. The meeting will be Tim Morris or another ICF certified coach on the Design Discovery team. You will need to schedule your call to take place within one month of the group meeting. (You will receive an email with directions on how to schedule your session)


The First 30 Registrations Include My Upcoming Online Video Course Called "Gift Masks"

$29 Value

Did you know we can hide behind Gifts Other Than Our Own?

This course will reveal which gifts we hide behind depending on which unhealthy extremes we lean towards. As I have been slowly revealing this content to people many have said it is eye-opening.


A Month of "BOLD", my Upcoming Monthly Group at No Extra Cost!

$24 Value

BOLD: A Monthly Group for Supporting People in their gifts

The first BOLD group meeting will be Tuesday, July 16 at 7:30pm-9:00pm (Eastern Time/EDT), over Zoom (Video and Audio). You can join in over video or audio (phone or computer) there will also be a recording available for one month following the call. Each month’s group meeting will focus on one unique topic around our gifts with a brief power-packed teaching, a group exercise, group interaction and an action step.


Limiting Beliefs Workshop: an Extra 1.5 hr Group Meeting to Reveal the Messages that Hinder You From Stepping into Your Gifts

$49 Value

I Believe I have Found out One of Satan's Trade Secrets About How His Lies Work...

Satan has been studying you from birth. (Exciting isn’t it!) He has been crafting and using messages (lies) that are custom-designed to hinder your unique pattern of gifts that you will discover in this experience. In this group meeting, I am going to do some teaching on how this works and take you through an exercise to help you name the messages and lies that have unusual power to help you experience further breakthrough around your gifts. If you can’t make it, no sweat, you can watch the video replay.

$252 Worth of Bonuses! (That ain't no joke!)


Early Bird Pricing!

Expires Monday (6/10) At 11:59pm (EDT)

1 Payment of $149
2 Payments of $75

*2 Payment Plan is a monthly credit card payment. The first payment is due upon registration, the second payment will be automatically charged to your credit card one month later.


How in the world did I come up with this pricing?
I am guaranteeing you massive change, 4x the cost to be exact. If your experience doesn't match this within 7 days of purchase, please do ask for a refund, b/c I don't want to be inauthentic with my price. Watch this video to understand how I approach money. Look, I grew up in the same Church that most of you did and I know there is a major plague of scarcity on the Church, which means it is common that we aren't very good at valuing things, we can think Christian = cheap and ministry = free. Not so much. Most people I have shared it with have found it helpful. You might too!

Registration Closes Saturday (7/6) at 11:59pm (Eastern/EDT)

1 Payment of $197
2 Monthly Payments of $99*

*2 Payment Plan is a monthly credit card payment. The first payment is due upon registration, the second payment will be automatically charged to your credit card one month later.

Dates & Times
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August 3


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The comfort of your own home, office, library, coffee shop, or whatever is best for you. You just need a reliable internet connection for your device. A quiet environment would work best as you will need "head and heart" space to process the exercises.

$252 Worth of Bonuses! (That ain't no joke!)

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Who is Tim Morris?

Howdy, I am the founder of Design Discovery, a daddy to two girls that have my heart, and a husband to a beautiful wife that models courage in a way that blows my mind. Oh yeah, I am the crazy mad scientist behind the Fivefold Gifts test. I have been building robust processes, tools, systems, and experiences to help people engage their gifts like this one since 2010. I have a coaching certification with the ICF and a M.Div. from Denver Seminary, bla bla bla... 🙂

Funny thing is, even though I am the creator of an online gifts assessment that has around 600-700 people taking it each month (#1 on page 1 of Google if you search "Fivefold Gifts Test"...Woohoo!), I am really big on people going through a customized, personalized process. Automated assessments can only take you so far–you are unique.

I have met professionally with about a couple of hundred people in a one-on-one coaching setting around the topic of engaging our gifts and motivational patterns. I have facilitated group experiences, workshops and seminars. I have started churches, owned a couple of businesses, and been a leader in churches, and a non-profit organization.

I love to light people on fire to the deepest levels of clarity they can imagine in their God-given design–it is actually, it was what I was put on this planet for. You are going to be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate, more committed, more believing in the truest you at the heart-level–I am pretty nuts about you and your calling.

What keeps me up at night?
When people can't find clarity and can't find the true sense of being fully alive. Seriously, if I can't deliver an experience to the people I serve that functions as a battering ram to blow through the walls that have intimidated them their whole life, I will humbly say, "No thank you." I am all in when people want to find out the truth about the truth of who they are. Even though I am clearly part-crazy-animal (you sort of have to be in my line of work), I am also very normal, very down to earth, playful and love a good laugh! I love cooking (and eating) a passionate and flavorful dinner for my friends and family.

What accomplishment am I most proud of: (Other than my girls and marriage)
It took me 10 years to do it. I even had one person tell me, "That is a pretty audacious project." But I did it. I built an entire process for all people that helps them discover on multiple levels how they are designed. It has been tested, tweaked, and rebuilt over and over, so it delivers massive impact. This online intensive taps into part of that process...I am very confident you will experience results because well–there were many guinea pigs before you that gave me feedback to ensure it works. But don't worry, no animals were hurt in the process.

Frequently asked questions

All countries can now participate!

Each digital ticket purchase represents one person. Think of it like a seminar done in-person…the rights to hear the content and participate are paid per person. I will may be giving you access to online resources on a per-user/per person basis for each email address registered on checkout, I trust that you will be honest and have integrity with this. 

Yep, if they are intentionally involved. We will be sending unique tools and offers to each email address that is registered. Imagine we were all in the same room, this room happens to be a virtual one, all people who would come into that room would be getting value, who are there for the the value. I am trusting you to have integrity and discernment on this. 

Yes, there is a 25% off discount if you register more than one person at a time. The discount is automatically applied when you register two or more people at the same time. 

Yes!  The recording will be available but will be time-sensitive, meaning it will only be available for 2 weeks after the date of the workshop. The recording is available only for those who are signed up for the workshop.

We will be using Zoom, which you can use on your computer, tablet or phone. You can also dial in for good ole regular audio if you live in the United States. You can download their application for your computer at or go to your application store and enter “Zoom” if you are on a phone or tablet. It is free for you to use. We will send you an email with the link for you to join 15 min before each meeting. Zoom is great!

This experience will actually take you to a deeper level than answering what kind of career or vacation you are meant to pursue. It is designed to take you deeper into the core of your “working identity” so that you can make that decision on your own. If you would like follow-up coaching to help dial that in, that is available. 

While this is a group experience, interaction is voluntary. If for some reason you can’t be involved other than hearing the presentation, that is completely fine. You will be able to message with others and a few people may be able to be live on video together if the participant is willing at the invitation of the facilitator. 

Yes! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and in the content area (where it says “How can we help you?”) put the person(s) full name(s) and email address(es) that you would like to gift the workshop. We will email you an invoice where you can pay the amount online for your gift via Freshbooks.  After you pay for the gift certificate we will send an email to the person(s) you requested with a coupon code for them to register for the workshop. 

Right now we recommend high school-age and older as the concepts are adult-level, a little experience in life helps.

Yes! If you are not pleased with your experience, you can request a refund up to 7 days after the group meeting you signed-up for and you will receive a 100% refund. At that point you will not be able to access any live digital or online materials offered through your purchase and I would ask you to delete any downloadable material. 

Want to go as deep as possible into your God-given gifts and design?
I have something else for a qualitatively different level.

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If you feel that I have not given you a transformative experience, please contact me and I will give you a full-refund within 7 days after the experience.  Refunds are not given if you missed the meeting, your internet connection had problems or your technology does not meet the requirements. However, we are willing to offer you a credit for a future event if you do experience technical difficulties from your side. Once a refund is processed your access to any online premium content or applications related to the workshop will be removed. 

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