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Hello, I’m Tim Morris, the founder of Design Discovery LLC, based in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Design Discovery started many years ago when I was handed a process from a friend that I began to tweak repeatedly, until I decided to rebuild it from the ground up.

In my process I have been burdened to build a system and process that allows people to come to robust clarity on who they are individually, while staying simple and practical, giving them the ability to grow in it for the rest of their life. To that end I have developed the Design Discovery framework which includes: Your Unique Superpowers, Environments, People, Tools, and Fruit.


We are convinced that all of you was made on purpose–you are not a mistake in any way.  And—not only do we believe it is possible to find your design, but that it is essential. When you find your design and live from it, you find joy. Joy is the experience of being fully alive, the truest sense of fun, the place where our motivation is found, and where adventure awaits…

One of the ways you know you have entered the land of adventure is when you begin to take new risks. But why don’t we take these risks more often — because our fears and insecurities take over. This is where we come in — to offer resources, coaching, and the process of Design Discovery itself to help you step fully into your design with full-on honesty, confront the fears and recapture your joy and stay on track to take good risks that will bear fruit for the rest of your life.


We offer both a group version and individual version of Design Discovery, the latter going deepest. I have led several groups through the Design Discovery group process including a graduate class at Abilene Christian University, and have led seminars around the power of knowing our purpose. Having coached people for several years I have had the honor of watching many people wake up to who they are at their deepest levels and do things with their life they never thought they would do.

Coaching Background:

I have served in several capacities in leadership in a faith-based context over the years: having started and led house churches, being a youth leader, youth pastor, taught in an non-traditional school system and served on leadership teams of different organizations.

As a coach I am trained and certified by Creative Results Management and I am fully certified as an ACC with the ICF (International Coach Federation), the world’s largest and most respected coaching governing body.

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