Coaching: Engage Your Design

Once you have gone through the Design Discovery process to name your design, it is now time to engage it and live out that amazing stuff that God hardwired into you! This is where coaching comes in.

By “coaching” I don’t mean advising, mentoring, consulting, or teaching. Professional coaching is a different animal. There is a place for those roles, as they come at it from an angle of relaying their experience to you. I come at it with the deep belief that deep down you know what is best in your life. I am highly trained, skilled, and experienced to do this with you with razor-sharp accuracy to get right down to it.

Doable and Enjoyable Goals

The essence of a coaching relationship is simple, we are working together towards results or goals that you name (through a guided process) in our early sessions. Coaching is a focused, strategic, and heart-level relationship where I am asking you questions no one else will ask you and make observations that most people are shy to help you name. If you don’t experience a significant life shift in the first couple of months working with me, I can tell you I am not the fit for you.

My Posture

I enjoy meeting with my clients, I still pinch myself that I am able to do this work in my life! I consider it a privilege to be one of the biggest believers in you that you have ever known. I don’t bully you or shake my finger at you when you didn’t do your action steps. Actually, I get excited when people don’t do their action steps between meetings because I love helping people find why that specific action step was demotivating (more here).

What you will experience in a coaching relationship with me:

High Levels of Productivity

This is the one that surprises people the most. You are most productive when you deeply engage your design. This is because you are having fun! Now, some of us might see that statement and think, “Well, when I am having fun normally I am rather scattered and spontaneous.” Exactly! 🙂 I help you tap rhythms that engage that spontaneous part of you, if that is how you are designed to be productive. I call this the difference between a Spider vs. Centipede in the way we approach order or structure. Connect with me to hear more about that.

Staying in the “Priority of Important” rather than the “Tyranny of the Urgent”

Being productive isn’t enough if you aren’t doing the right thing. Most people I coach are scrambling and spinning out because they have a hundred plates spinning. I help you take a look at your design to see which one or two plates to spin and then we do one special thing with the other plates, we bookshelf them. Yes, you will have a way to come back to them when the time is right, but not until then.


Your heart will guide you to tap into the thing that puts you on your growing edge of your design. I help you be kind and honest with yourself about naming what that really is, bringing clarity to the noise.


Honesty is the pathway forward because that is where you find authenticity, the true you. Authenticity is the path forward. When you truly live from your design you will live without regrets. When you put your head down on your pillow at the end of the day you have a peaceful smile. You go after what you really want, whether that is in your job, in leadership in your business, organization, or church, family, friendships.

We Will Have Fun!

Even though I like to write epic-sounding stuff and there is a part of me that a is a bit crazy, I am a rather fun and playful person–I like to laugh a lot. I am most interested in doing things that keep me on my edge of courage and I am absolutely designed to have fun in this world, so you will see me enjoying you quite a bit!

How do you know if I am a good fit for you?

While I hold that coaching delivers powerful results by following the process of discovery, I am aware people do want to know what my background is to see if I am a good candidate for them. Outside of coaching, I have experience in church leadership, organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, online marketing, WordPress web development, web design, graphic design, the writing process, speaking or teaching, and being a dad of two beautiful girls. On occasion I can give you a few pointers in these areas if you ask for them, but I like to stay in a coaching role as much as possible.

In a coaching relationship, I typically deliver the highest results with current leaders or people who want to be leaders. Often this means they are gifted as a apostles/entrepreneurs or prophets/bold artists. If you aren’t sure if you have higher leanings in either of these go ahead and take my free fivefold test here. If you really want to do coaching but aren’t scoring highest in either the apostle or prophet giftings, still reach out to me on the right side and we can go from there to see if I sense a unique fit.

My Coaching Process:

I am a big believer that we should always give people the freedom to taste before they feast. If you are interested in seeing if my coaching style is a fit for you, to fill out a form to the right if you are on a desktop or below if you are a phone to get in touch with me.

Coaching Certifications:

I am trained and certified by Creative Results Management and I am fully certified as an ACC with the ICF (International Coach Federation), the world’s largest coaching governing body.

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