I have done umpteen other assessments and processes, how is yours any different than those?

Great question, I hear this exact question. And you are right to be skeptical if you are. I was skeptical too, which is why I went on a hunt to build a process that was utterly different than only a computerized statement about who I was. Really the best way to compare Design Discovery to other processes is like comparing oranges and chickens. It is a completely different food group. It is a personalized discovery process that flexes to your own developmental awareness of your self. So, it works just as well, or better, with people who have already done other assessments or work in processes like Strengths Finder, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc…

I see you offer a free fivefold gifts test, how does that connect to the Design Discovery process?

The Superpowers section is actually built off of the fivefold gifts from Ephesians 4:11-13: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor/shepherd, teacher. We have seen that each of these gifts actually represent a developmental paradigm, so there are many many different ways each of those five gifts can express themselves in work, hobbies, or careers.

Do I have to do the Design Discovery Intensive in order to do coaching with you?

Over time I have seen people experience exponentially greater results when they had a specific and deep handle on their design through the Design Discovery framework when they did follow-up coaching. So, yes, I believe it will give you radical clarity, even if you already have done other processes. With that said, if the intensive is not a fit, I will consider coaching you before we do an intensive if you fit within the kinds of people I coach.

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