Our Process

Our process is built off of one core reality: your heart contains the vital information you need to step deeply into your design. We have put the time in to build and test a framework that comprehensively reveals who you are.

More on the Heart

You possess a gift that was hand-crafted, designed just for you from the very beginning. This gift, your heart, is not just about being ooey gooey la la foo foo stuff, it contains the vital information you need to find meaning, motivation, joy, and ultimately the life purpose you want in this world.

See, the heart is often gravely misunderstood, misinterpreted and neglected in our culture. The deepest life is not found in segmenting out one part over another, it is about integrating all of it into your life: emotions, desires, will, and mind. And embracing your heart’s design applies in all areas of your life: work, relationships, health, hobbies, finances.

And yet, we aren’t gonna sugarcoat it–entering into your heart’s purpose can be one of the hardest things you have ever done–it will require all of the courage you can muster–it will require you to confront and ultimate befriend your fears. But the place where you find courage is the place where you will feel the breath of life most, and where Life itself will breathe on you–this is where Jesus dwells, in the space where you must trust–your design was designed by Him to be dependent on Him.

But it is worth it and you will find no greater joy and adventure in the world. And the best thing is–the more you step into your heart’s design, you will acclimate and actually start to thrive off of courage. You begin to cringe at cowardice and be compelled to dive deeper into your heart’s design.

Considering that the heart can feel wiley and confusing to know at times, we have worked hard to develop a holistic framework to help make the process simpler for you to drill down into your design. See The Framework page.

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