“Let’s say you were blindfolded, led into a room, seated in a plush wingback chair, and then had the blindfold removed. Sitting in front of you is the most reckless, awesome, inspiring, strong, compassionate, and powerful human you have ever had the privilege to meet. You wonder a bit about who that person is. I’ll tell. It’s not Tim Morris. It’s You. Tim is the guy that led you in and introduced you (‘little y’) to You (‘big y’). If you are ready to do this work, you will live inside the skin of the person in the other chair…Tim fills the space with safety, hope, insight, gentleness and courage to call out the You Inside and help deliver it back into the world for the delight of all who get to live with you, play with you, work with you, and change the world with you.”

“I am 67 years old and successful in my business (dental practice). I have had in my mind that I should be considering retiring. I certainly want to slow down the pace of everyday dental work. But what does God have for me? With the wisdom of the years behind me, I do not want to settle for only a peaceful life and become insignificant. Tim has showed me over the last 6 months how God designed me. He opened to me the things and people and places that excite me and make life magnificent. These were things that were locked in my head. It was like I sat down with Tim with a book between us titled “Dan”. Tim taught me how to open this book, read it, and understand it. I am only half way through. There is so much more to me than even I knew.”

“When I agreed to work with Tim as my coach I told him that he was the right coach at the right time for me. After several months of meeting, discovering, and laughing together that statement seems truer now. Tim’s focus on my design is encouraging because he doesn’t try to fit me into some preconceived box. Instead, he helps you discover who you are made to be even if, like me, you had long since abandoned your dreams. His questions are insightful and rich whether he is offering empathy after a bad day or getting excited during a breakthrough. He just gets it and knows how to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Working with Tim was the best decision I’ve made in years.”

“’The heart is wicked and deceitful you can’t listen to it’. This was the message I took from my church upbringing. Before I met Tim, I was in deep despair because I considered emotions and desires as invalid due to my lacking theology. Not only were my desires and creativity crushed, but I had all but completed my Master’s degree at seminary and had no idea what to do with my life afterward. Up until I started coaching with Tim — I followed someone else’s beliefs and design for my life. Through a coaching workshop and one-on-one coaching I have not only uncovered my design and purpose, but I have begun taking big risks and moving forward relationally, emotionally, and professionally. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have yelled in coaching sessions. I trust Tim deeply and his method and philosophy are proven. I am now a life coach and I am building up people to unleash their God-given design — just like Tim has helped me!”

“I spent 20+ years in medical administration as well as other administrative assistant positions feeling tired and burned out. I rarely held a job for longer than a year. It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t do the job, it was that I emotionally and physically got burned out. I begin to feel like there was something wrong with me, that for some reason I couldn’t hold a job. This certainly played on my self-esteem. I was between jobs and had asked Tim if we could go through Design Discovery on an accelerated pace. The idea was that we would go through this and then based on the results I would look for another job. I had no idea what I was in for! What I learned was fascinating! Several things I already knew about myself but didn’t have verbiage for. As we worked through the process, I became more confident in who I was. I began to see that although I can do administrative things, it was not always bringing me life, it was not joyful. It helped me realize that although you are good at something, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something you would enjoy. And, that that was OK. I decided to continue on coaching with Tim so that as I continue to learn about my design I am able to work through issues that arise. I have found the coaching to be extremely helpful in several areas of my life including personal, health and fitness, and of course within my work experience u0026amp; relationships. If you feel lost, tired, burned out or confused about what you want to be when you grow up, I highly recommend doing Design Discovery with Tim as well as coaching. His methods are transformational and highly successful! You will walk away from the experience with a firmer grasp on who you really are and what you were designed to do!”

“For anyone thinking about getting life coaching to move goals forward, may I recommend Tim Morris?  His unique style of coaching has helped me make great strides in being the writer and doing the writing I’ve always dreamed of doing. For years I’ve been stymied in my writing aspirations. Health challenges among other things have slowed me down and saddened me. So I wanted a life coach to help me to write more and better.  Tim’s unique style of coaching according to your design has been key to the process.  I’ve broken free from years of a log jam of procrastination and erratic writing.  The quality and quantity of my writing has dramatically improved. The amazing thing about good coaching is how it begins to effect other areas of life also.  I find myself applying what I’m learning in the coaching sessions for writing to relationships, time management, household tasks.  Getting done what my heart truly desires, to write and write well, has freed me up in ways I didn’t see coming.  I can do other tasks with more zest and freedom from guilt when I’ve done writing first.  My joy levels are going up.  My health continues to improve. The impact of living in your design touches everything. Tim is the coach to draw out your best and truest self if you’re ready for growth”

“Through coaching with Tim, I uncovered of a key part of my design that had been sidelined and relegated to an unattainable dream. I now live in-step with my true design, and am empowered to walk the journey God has purposed for me! I highly recommend Tim and Design Discovery! Don’t be fooled by Tim’s goofy and down-to-earth personality. In my experience he’s actually a soul ninja ready to roundhouse kick your fears in the face! His coaching capabilities are truly powerful and well worth your investment!”

“I had reached a stuck point in my leadership of our organization and didn’t know how to move forward. Tim’s excellent questions and deep listening helped me think “outside the box”. The insights that came were exactly what I needed and gave me a way forward that will end up impacting hundreds of people.”
-John White
The LK10 Community

“I appreciate how Tim’s approach was very affirming and positive, which helped me see and reframe that my design is not something to hide but something I can be proud to live out of. He was also patient and attentive to how I was processing things on a heart and head level. What I loved most was getting to be in my design during the process which included meeting at coffee shops and getting to play with paper and stickers, some of my favorite tools.”

“At the age of 50 I am looking at my life through a whole new lens! This Design Discovery course has opened my eyes to my ‘raw design’, and given me a taste of what I have been created for. I started the course just as my 12 year old job as a bookkeeper was coming to an end. I wasn’t long into Design Discovery before I realized how much damage doing something for the wrong reasons (like money) can cause. I feel that Design Discovery was God’s intervention to show me the unique things He has placed within me, and how much fun and fruitful life can be by working and living out of my design. I am now embarking on several very exciting new endeavors, all of them based on evidence from my Design Discovery process!”

“Tim has given me a more defined sense of myself and have shown me how to use it to create a better reality for myself. Through coaching, I have learned how to be more authentic in my relationships and be more confident in myself. Thank you Tim!”

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