New Free Fivefold Spiritual Gift Assessment Now Online!

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Upcoming Webinar on Thurs, March 1 on the Fivefold Gifts from Ephesians 4:11

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Investments In Yourself

We are honored to serve you with the following...

  • Free Spiritual Gifts Test

    See Yourself within the Fivefold

    We have built a thorough 50 question free test to assess where you fit within the fivefold gifts in Ephesians 4:11

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  • Intensives

    Discover your Design in 1 or 2 Days

    A one-on-one experience with full-on honesty and breakthrough in the matter of a weekend.

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  • Workshops

    Discover Your Design in a Group

    A community experience to explore your design.

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The Gospel of the New Heart

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