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Joy–a Backdoor into Courage and Sometimes Healing: Courage Series – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and I believe the final post in a series on courage! In case you missed them, part 1 was here and part 2 was here, and part 3 is here:

In the last couple of years, I have been surprised by a discovery that found me–a discovery that has baffled me. Trust me–I didn’t go hunting for this one. 

Many of the people I have had the honor of taking through the Design Discovery process have had an awakening experience in a way that surprised me. By the end of the process, and without knowing it they were using a “no-no word” to describe their experience that coaches often veer away from. And that word is–”healing.” That is because “thems are counseling words” and I don’t want to run into legal battles or licensure battles, because I am a certified coach, not a counselor or therapist. And I respect counselors and therapists deeply–a counselor played a significant role in my own journey. 

Nonetheless, time and time again people have told me that by the end of the Design Discovery process they experience deep healing. At first, I remember thinking to myself, “Eesh, please don’t say that! No–that can’t be true!” But I have finally come to a point to admit that I can’t help it if people experience healing as a by-product of my work with them. In the last couple of months, one woman went so far as to tell me on the last morning of our process, “was the first morning in years that I woke up without feeling depression.”

In this post, I am not making a pitch or overtly trying to sell you on Design Discovery, and I am not even going to guarantee that this process will bring healing because I can’t, I am simply pointing out a phenomenon that happens in the midst of an approach that does not focus its heartbeat on doing therapeutic work around traumatic or wounding experiences from the past–an area I leave for therapists or counselors who are trained and gifted to deal with the intricacies of these areas.

When people are feeling plagued by fear, the kind that causes us to feel like our feet are bolted to the ground, I used to think that the only way through this unhealthy kind of fear(as I mentioned in video #3) was to go with an introspective therapeutic approach. But, I have seen that once I point people to their authentic design and gifts in a deep and specific way, that joy shows up and wakes up deep parts of them that they may not have even known are sleeping. In this place, we wake up to the brightness of the sun of joy, like the vibrant colors and warmth of Springtime after a long cold winter and sometimes we get to the root of the problem, a restoration from the loss of identity that was fueling the levels of pain that I thought could only be addressed through a counselor or therapist. In this space joy can, I repeat “can”, sometimes do some deep and hard work by itself to heal through a backdoor–and as a result it makes space in our hearts to feel compelled to step into courage–because we are freed from the weights that hammered us down to the ground, we are as light as a feather again–and we do the thing that felt impossible before–we risk with a smile on our face.

I have recorded a short video for you to see more about this discovery.

5 Min Video on Healthy and Unhealthy Fear:

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