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The Flight of Courage, a Poem

I felt the urge to craft my own experience of courage into a poem last night. Between the last post and the next on the series of courage, I hope this en+courages you–my first poem out into the wide open air of the internets.

The Flight of Courage

Quicken your soul.

Awaken from night and into day.

Shine your light on to the newness of your courage.

Soak in the rays of sun.

Quench your deepest thirst.

Eat of the meat of the reunion of you.

Drink of the wine of joyous intoxication.

Feel the punch of bright power into your gut.

It is time to unfurl your wings.

Be free.

Fly with wings of might.

Fly with wings of light.

Fly with wings high into the summit of the sky, higher and higher until you are at the highest height.

Plunge down into the belly of the abyss,

The tip of a spear on fire.

Break through the crust of terror.

Break through the layers of false.

Fly just beyond the breath of your death.

Near the molten swamp of tears and fears.

Rescue the lost.

Find them in the shadowy crevices and holes.

Fly back with those who will go.

Push through the flames as they lick your feet and whisper their slitherous lie.

Get back out, get away.

Escape to safety.

Deliver them on the island of refuge.

To the land of the One.

Now go back to your nest and rest.

4 thoughts on “The Flight of Courage, a Poem”

  1. Avatar

    What a call to arms, a call to love and be lived, a call to live and be life-giving. Thank you braveheart, Tim Morris for courageously putting yourself out there!!

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