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  • Free Fivefold Gifts Test

    See Yourself within the Fivefold

    We have built a thorough 50 question free test to assess where you fit within the fivefold gifts in Ephesians 4:11.

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Find out how you are designed at the heart-level and &
you will come alive in joy and productivity

  • Find out that God did not intend you be bored or unengaged.
  • Name the work that compels you to stay engaged.
  • Find the specific people you are designed to serve.
  • Grow your business or organization.
  • Increase joy and fulfillment.
  • Be financially sustainable.

Free Fivefold Spiritual Gift Test

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About Your Heart

You possess a gift that was hand-crafted, designed just for you from the very beginning. This gift, your heart, is not just about being ooey gooey la la foo foo stuff, it contains the vital information you need to find meaning, motivation, joy, and ultimately the life purpose you want in this world. And it applies in all areas of your life: work, relationships, health, hobbies. And yet, we aren't gonna sugarcoat it--entering into your heart's purpose can be one of the hardest things you have ever done--it will require all of the courage you can muster, it will require you to confront your fears. But it is worth it and you will find no greater joy and adventure in the world.

Step Into Your Design


Weekend workshops to name your design in a fun and safe context to learn deeply about the importance of your purpose Biblically and to do the life-giving work of naming your design.



Awaken hope to your heart and see the surprising connection between our specific purpose and God's purposes in the world through speaking engagements.



Take off in your life through heart-centric coaching to experience the breakthrough that you want most, combining the power of strategy with motivation.



Dive deep into who your personal design in a consulting retreat of one or two days, depending on the approach. This avenue will allow you to get moving both the quickest and the deepest at the same time.


Lives Changed

  • “Let’s say you were blindfolded, led into a room, seated in a plush wingback chair, and then had the blindfold removed. Sitting in front of you is the most reckless, awesome, inspiring, strong, compassionate, and powerful human you have ever had the privilege to meet. You wonder a bit about who that person is. I’ll tell. It’s not Tim Morris. It’s You. Tim is the guy that led you in and introduced you (‘little y’) to You (‘big y’). If you are ready to do this work, you will live inside the skin of the person in the other chair…Tim fills the space with safety, hope, insight, gentleness and courage to call out the You Inside and help deliver it back into the world for the delight of all who get to live with you, play with you, work with you, and change the world with you.”


  • “When I agreed to work with Tim as my coach I told him that he was the right coach at the right time for me. After several months of meeting, discovering, and laughing together that statement seems truer now. Tim’s focus on my design is encouraging because he doesn’t try to fit me into some preconceived box. Instead, he helps you discover who you are made to be even if, like me, you had long since abandoned your dreams. His questions are insightful and rich whether he is offering empathy after a bad day or getting excited during a breakthrough. He just gets it and knows how to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Working with Tim was the best decision I’ve made in years.”


  • “’The heart is wicked and deceitful you can’t listen to it’. This was the message I took from my church upbringing. Before I met Tim, I was in deep despair because I considered emotions and desires as invalid due to my lacking theology. Not only were my desires and creativity crushed, but I had all but completed my Master’s degree at seminary and had no idea what to do with my life afterward. Up until I started coaching with Tim — I followed someone else’s beliefs and design for my life. Through a coaching workshop and one-on-one coaching I have not only uncovered my design and purpose, but I have begun taking big risks and moving forward relationally, emotionally, and professionally. I have laughed, I have cried, and I have yelled in coaching sessions. I trust Tim deeply and his method and philosophy are proven. I am now a life coach and I am building up people to unleash their God-given design — just like Tim has helped me!”


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